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We are no longer offering crypto-currency trading services.

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Updates to services and fee structure

From November 1st, 2019 Bitcoin Co. Ltd. will introduce a dormant account service to maintain funds still held on BX.in.th by customers.

The company will no longer offer an account login system, and any withdrawals and balance check queries must be submitted via our support ticket system.

With the launch of our dormant account maintenance service, the company will also be introducing the following fees for this service.

The initial service fee for the first month will be 200 THB per month for each currency account held with the company. Service fees are expected to be increased each month in order to continue providing a quality account service.

The current monthly service charge will be shown on our fees page: https://bx.in.th/info/fees/

For digital currencies the account service fees will be charged in that currency based on the coinmarketcap.com exchange rate at the time of the service fee.

Service fees will be post-paid; meaning customers can use our account maintenance service for one month and then pay for that service at the beginning of the following month.

Services fees will begin accruing in November 2019, and the charged on December 1st, 2019.

Any customer who withdraws their entire balance during any given month will not be charged any service fee when the post-payment date comes due.

If a customer's balance is insufficient to cover the service fee, then the service fee will be capped at the customer's balance, and at no time will customers be charged fees beyond their balance, or have the balance become negative.

Any customers unwilling to pay service fees should withdraw their funds before November 1st 2019.

Service fees will be subject to VAT.