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Added On: 06/01/2018
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Znodes Update

UPDATE: Read Update Here

We have run into a undocumented problem with the Znode network, where the network is ignoring the UTXOs of individual Znodes and instead basing the payout voting only on the payout address of the nodes.

Seeing as all our Znodes were setup to pay to our same cold storage address it appears our Znodes are being ignored by the Zcoin payout system.

We have had to split all the Zcoin holdings out to separate addresses and restarted our Znodes; unfortunately this means that our Znodes will need to be re-queued for payments. This means we must wait an additional 11-13 days before payouts start.

To make up for this delay we have decided to adjust our payout ratio and will now pay ZCoin holders with 80% of the Znode payouts, and only keep 20% in order to cover the Znode server costs.

For the single payout that we did receive from running the initial Znodes we have paid this reward out to customers, note that once all Znodes are receiving credits then the rewards will be much larger: aLPme619JL46E5BKmbZ1DWLmVfWjn9FHKq

Below is a list of our new Znode addresses: