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Automatically pay your bills using BX.in.th

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Currently our automatic bill payment is only available for pre-paid mobile topups, but we plan to increase the scope of this to include a variety of bill types in the future.

Automatic top-ups are ideal if you want to make sure your SIM card never gets deactivated.

Step 1: Create a billing profile

Visit the billing/top-up section in your account here: https://bx.in.th/funds/bill/

You will need to initially make a top-up payment and click the "Save for next time" option.

The top-up settings will be saved as a "billing profile" that can be used in the future, and can be used for automatic payments.

Step 2: Setup an auto-bill payment macro

Go to the macro page in your account area here: https://bx.in.th/funds/macros/

Choose the macro type as "Auto-bill payment" and click the "Create Macro" button.

Enter the amount that you want to pay each time, and select the dates and time that you want the payment to be made.

Make sure your account is funded

You will now receive an email every time the auto payment macro is triggered, telling you if the payment was successful.

You must make sure your account has enough available Thai Baht funds to cover the automatic payment, or else the payment will fail and will be re-attempted 6 hours later.