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Deposit Proceedure for Thai Baht into BX.in.th

Please follow this proceedure carefully when depositing funds into BX.in.th

If you follow this process your deposit will be credited to your account in less than 15 minutes.

Note: not following the process correctly will result in a delay to your deposit.

Step 1: Create a Deposit in your BX.in.th Account

  1. Login to your BX.in.th account and visit your deposit page My Funds » Deposit
  2. Enter the amount of Thai Baht that you want to deposit.
  3. Select the bank you wish to deposit to.
  4. Click Create Deposit button.

Step 2: Note the Amount and Make the Deposit

Our system will tell you an amount of Thai Baht to deposit. This may be the exact same as the amount you entered, or it may be slightly different.

We make sure that each customer is depositing a unique amount of money that we can easily see who each deposit belongs to.


Deposit funds into the bank account listed on the deposit page, be sure to check the bank account number carefully before every deposit as our bank may have changed.

If the system tell you to deposit 1,001THB, then you should deposit exactly 1,001THB (not 1,000THB or 980THB, exactly 1,001THB)

Step 3: Mark Deposits as Completed

  1. Immediately after depositing return to the deposit page My Funds » Deposit
  2. Upload a copy of your transfer receipt.
    The receipt image should be as clear and easily readable as possible; if our computer cannot read your receipt, your deposit will be delayed for manual processing.
  3. Select the method of your deposit (transfer, ADM, or counter deposit)
    Selecting the incorrect method will result in a delay to your deposit.
  4. Click Payment Completed button.