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Who runs BX.in.th?

This exchange is operated by Bitcoin Co. Ltd., a Thai registered company since 2013.
We also operate the websites Bitcoin.co.th and CoinPay.in.th

More information here

How do I trade?

  1. Register an account
  2. Deposit funds
  3. Create an order

Are deposits safe?

We take security very seriously and take a range of precautions including:

  • Two-Factor authentication available (and recommended)
  • Company owners are the only people with physical access to the wallet servers
  • Wallets servers utilize full disk encryption and allow no incoming outside connections
  • Website frontend does not run on the same servers as the wallet servers
  • Website frontend never has direct access to the wallet servers
  • 80-90% of our funds in offline cold storage
  • All large withdraws are manually processed and checked by humans
  • All code was written in-house by our own staff; we did not use any other existing exchange software. As such we know our code inside and out; line by line.

In addition to security measures we also operate as a full reserve, and will always keep 100% of deposited funds. We will never use these funds to any other purposes.

We offer full transparency and you can view a list of every positive-balance address that we own in our exchange transparency system.

Bitcoin Co. Ltd. also stands completely behind this exchange; if funds were stolen from the exchange the company would utilitize it's own assets to cover loses to the full extent of the company's capitalization.

How much are fees

The standard fee is 0.25% per trade. This amount is always charged on the primary currency of the trading pairing. In most cases that means the fees are charged in BTC.

Fees are automatically deducted at the time the trade is executed. There are no fees charged at the time of created an order, and if you cancel the order no trade fees are charged at all.

When viewing the orderbook my order value is less than the value I created; why?

The value of your order shown in the orderbook shows the value of your order after the fees have been accounted for.

You can find a complete fee schedule here.

What is 2Factor Authentication (or 2FA)?

We allow you to enable 2FA on your account by installing an authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator) on your phone.

The authenticator app will generate a new 6 digit code every 30 seconds, each time you login you must enter this code.

This greatly increases the security of your account because if your email is hacked into, or your password is compromised, the hacker will still not be able to get into your account because they need the code from your phone too.

We strongly recommend all users turn on 2Factor Authentication here.

I lost my 2Factor Device

Please contact us and we will ask you questions to verify your account ownership

This may include sending us verification documentation; so it's preferable to make a backup of your authorization barcode/secret code.

Before you enable 2Factor make sure you note down your secret code (or save a copy of the barcode image). For security reasons you will not be shown this code or barcode again after enabling 2Factor authentication.

How long do deposits take to get approval?

Thai Baht deposits will be approved automatically within about 15 minutes provided that you have uploaded a clear machine readable receipt, the amount you deposited was the exact correct amount, and all other details match.

If there is any mismatch on the deposit amount, the receipt is not machine readable, or some other details need inspection, then your deposit will need to be manually approved. Please allow up to 24 hours for approval.

We request that you wait 24 hours before opening a ticket about a pending deposit.

You can read more about the deposit proceedure here.

Crypto deposits will be automatically added to your available balance once they have enough confirmations on their blockchain network.

Below is a list of how many confirmations each coin requires:

Coin Name Confirmations Required
Bitcoin 3
Ethereum 25
Augur 50
BitcoinCash 15
BitcoinSV 30
Cryptonite 10
Dash 6
Dogecoin 10
Everex Token 50
Feathercoin 6
Gemini US Dollar 50
Gnosis 50
HyperStake 10
Litecoin 4
Namecoin 3
Omise GO 50
Pandacoin 10
Paycoin 6
Peercoin 6
Power Ledger 50
Primecoin 10
Ripple 100
Zcash 10
Zcoin 3

How long do withdrawals take to process?

Thai Baht withdrawal processing time will vary depending on a number of variables such as the volume of withdrawals for the day, the amount of your withdrawal, your bank branch, and bank branch location.

Please allow up to 24 hours for THB withdrawals; however we strive to process them as quickly as possible and in most cases will be much faster than 24 hours.

Crypto withdrawals will be processed automatically every 5 minutes, however larger withdrawals requiring manual approval, or retrieval of cold storage funds, may take up to 12 hours.

Also it's worth noting that our system is designed with safety as the number one priority and all balances are real-time audited prior to every withdrawal. If at any time the audit numbers require inspection, such as times when funds are being moved between cold and hot storage, then automatic withdrawals will be slower.

Why are there deposit fees?

You can see the currencies which have deposit fees here. These fees are designed to dissuade users from making lots of tiny deposit amounts and instead combine their deposits into a single amount.

With crypto-currencies each individual deposit creates a cost when it needs to be spent, so we must pass this on to the users who are creating the most cost.

You can easily avoid deposit fees by making sure that your deposits are over the minimum deposit amount for that currency.

I have other questions

If you have other questions that are not answered here please feel free to open a support ticket here: https://bx.in.th/support/open/