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Trading Fees

The standard fee is 0.25% per trade. This amount is always charged on the primary currency of the trading pairing. In most cases that means the fees are charged in BTC.

Fees are automatically deducted at the time the trade is executed. There are no fees charged at the time of created an order, and if you cancel the order no trade fees are charged at all.

Deposit Fees

All deposits are FREE!

Withdrawal Fees

Currency Standard Withdrawal Fee Preferred Trader Fee*
THB 20.00 THB + 10.00 THB per 10,000.00 THB
BTC 0.00100000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC
ETH 0.00500000 ETH 0.00000000 ETH
ZEC 0.00010000 ZEC 0.00000000 ZEC
LTC 0.00500000 LTC 0.00000000 LTC
NMC 0.01000000 NMC 0.00000000 NMC
DOG 5.00000000 DOG 0.00000000 DOG
PPC 0.02000000 PPC 0.00000000 PPC
FTC 0.01000000 FTC 0.00000000 FTC
XPM 0.02000000 XPM 0.00000000 XPM
QRK 0.01000000 QRK 0.00000000 QRK
HYP 0.01000000 HYP 0.00000000 HYP
PND 2.00000000 PND 0.00000000 PND
XCN 0.01000000 XCN 0.00000000 XCN
XPY 0.00500000 XPY 0.00000000 XPY

* To quality for Preferred Trader fees you must trade at least 5BTC per month