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Account Service Fees

Current Monthly Account Service Fee: 338.00 THB

Next Fee Payment Due: 2020-02-01

The above fee will be charged on every currency that users hold.

Example: If you hold 0.1 BTC and 0.05 BCH, you will be charged 338.00 THB worth of BTC and 338.00 THB worth of BCH

Service fees are post-paid, meaning that users can use our service for one month, and then pay for that month of service on the 1st of the following month.

If a users entire balance has been withdrawn before the end of the month they will not be charged any service fee for that month

Deposit Fees

Most deposits are free, however we charge fees on some currencies for very small deposit amounts. If you deposit more than the minimum deposit amount then you will not be charged any fee.

Currency Minimum Deposit Fee for Under Minimum
ZEC 0.05000000 ZEC 0.00050000 ZEC

Deposits on all other currencies not listed above are free. Note that if you deposit less than the fee amount your entire deposit will be used to pay the fee.

Withdrawal Fees

Currency Standard Withdrawal Fee Preferred Trader Fee*
THB 20.00 THB + 10.00 THB per 10,000.00 THB
BTC 0.00010000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC
ETH 0.00500000 ETH 0.00000000 ETH
BCH 0.00010000 BCH 0.00000000 BCH
BSV 0.00010000 BSV 0.00000000 BSV
DAS 0.00500000 DAS 0.00000000 DAS
DOG 5.00000000 DOG 0.00000000 DOG
EOS 0.0001 EOS 0.0000 EOS
EVX 0.0100 EVX 0.0000 EVX
FTC 0.01000000 FTC 0.00000000 FTC
GNO 0.01000000 GNO 0.00000000 GNO
GUSD 0.10 GUSD 0.00 GUSD
HYP 0.01000000 HYP 0.00000000 HYP
LTC 0.00500000 LTC 0.00000000 LTC
NMC 0.01000000 NMC 0.00000000 NMC
OMG 0.20000000 OMG 0.00000000 OMG
PND 2.00000000 PND 0.00000000 PND
POW 0.010000 POW 0.000000 POW
PPC 0.03000000 PPC 0.00000000 PPC
REP 0.01000000 REP 0.00000000 REP
XCN 0.01000000 XCN 0.00000000 XCN
XPM 0.02000000 XPM 0.00000000 XPM
XPY 0.00500000 XPY 0.00000000 XPY
XRP 0.010000 XRP 0.000000 XRP
XZC 0.00500000 XZC 0.00000000 XZC
ZEC 0.00500000 ZEC 0.00000000 ZEC
ZMN 0.01000000 ZMN 0.00000000 ZMN

* To quality for Preferred Trader fees you must trade at least 20BTC per month

Fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice, please check our fee schedule regularly and before each withdrawal or deposit so that you are familiar with the amount you will be charged.

Max Withdrawals per Day

In order to prevent our services becoming overloaded by individual users, we have some per user limits on the number of withdrawals that can be processed per day, per coin. These limits will be subject to change as needed.

Currency Max Withdraw Count Max Withdraw Amount
KBANK: 9,000,000 THB
BTC 10 Unlimited
ETH 20 Unlimited
BCH Unlimited Unlimited
BSV Unlimited Unlimited
DAS Unlimited Unlimited
DOG 5 Unlimited
EOS Unlimited Unlimited
EVX 5 Unlimited
FTC Unlimited Unlimited
GNO Unlimited Unlimited
GUSD Unlimited Unlimited
HYP Unlimited Unlimited
LTC Unlimited Unlimited
NMC Unlimited Unlimited
OMG 10 Unlimited
PND Unlimited Unlimited
POW Unlimited Unlimited
PPC Unlimited Unlimited
REP Unlimited Unlimited
XCN Unlimited Unlimited
XPM Unlimited Unlimited
XPY Unlimited Unlimited
XRP Unlimited Unlimited
XZC Unlimited Unlimited
ZEC Unlimited Unlimited
ZMN Unlimited Unlimited