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Top-up any pre-paid mobile phone in Thailand using our API

Free DTAC Top-up API Thailand
Thai AIS Top-up API
True Move H Top-up API Thailand
Free iMobile 3GX Top-up API Thailand
Free TuneTalk Top-up API Thailand

Step 1: Sign up on BX.in.th

  1. Register your BX.in.th account here
  2. Verify your account here

Step 2: Add Funds

You can either add funds by depositing THB directly or deposit Bitcoins (or other crypto-currency) and exchange them to be Thai Baht

Deposit funds here

Step 3: Generate an API Key

  1. Login to your account and click Generate New Keys
  2. The API Key will be shown on the screen, and the API Secret will be emailed to you
  3. Optional If you want the payments to go through automatically, go to Security and turn off email confirmations, so that you do not need to confirm each payment.

Step 4: Write your code

You can view our API documenation on bill payment here

Or you can view our PHP sample code here


  • Top-up payments will take a few minutes to be processed, you can use the withdrawal-history API to check the status of your bill payment. For this reason it is important to record the withdrawal_id that is returned when placing a bill payment API call, so that you can later check the status of the payment.
  • If you have questions about how to use the API please open a support ticket here