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BX Wallet | Mobile Altcoin Wallet

Wallet is currently in BETA and may contain bugs

Mobile Altcoin Wallet

Get instant mobile access to your coins

Available to all BX users

Our mobile wallet is available to all BX users for free.

To use the mobile wallet simply visit on your mobile.

You will need to enable wallet access on your account here

Spend coins you don't even own!

The BX Wallet allows you to spend any coin and trades will be done automatically.

For example; if you have only THB in your BX account, but you want to be able to buy something with Bitcoin. You can do it with the BX wallet, just send the Bitcoins and the wallet will handle the rest.

Receive any coins

You can use the mobile wallet to receive any coins, you'll have a receiving address and QR code for every coin we offer.

Quick Access

After enabling wallet access, and logging into the wallet one time, you will be able to set a quick access PIN code. Next time you want to access your wallet you will be able to quickly enter your 6 digit PIN; which is uniquely paired with your device fingerprint.

Create a Shortcut

For the most convenient wallet access you can create a homescreen shortcut to the mobile wallet

Android Browser

  1. Visit:
  2. Press Menu/Options button
  3. Press Save to bookmarks
  4. Change Add to field to Home Screen
  5. Press OK

Chrome Browser

  1. Visit:
  2. Press Menu/Options button
  3. Press Add to homescreen
  4. Press Add