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Deposit Webhook Notifications

Bitcoin Webhooks Thailand BX.in.th

You can use the BX.in.th webhook system to receive an HTTP request at your webserver whenever a deposit is received on your BX.in.th account.

Multiple webhooks can be configured to notify you for a specific address or currency, or configured to send notifications for all deposits.

Setting up Webhooks

Webhooks can be created on the macros page: https://bx.in.th/funds/macros/

  1. Select the "Deposit Webhook" option under the Create Macros menu, and click the Create Macro button.

  2. Select the currency or address that you want to receive notifications for.

  3. Enter the URL where you will receive the webhook notification
    For example: http://yourwebsite.com/webhooks.php?secret=123

Receiving Webhooks

Every time a deposit is received, or changes status (such as from pending to confirmed), an HTTP request will be sent to any webhook URLs that you have configured.

The data will be POSTed as multipart/form-data content-type.

The POST data will contain the following fields

	[address] => The full deposit address
	[tx_id] => The blockchain transaction ID of the deposit
	[status] => The deposit status (pending, completed, cancelled, failed)
	[amount] => Amount of the deposit
	[date] => Date deposit was initially seen