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Last Updated on 29/03/2019
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How to register BX

How do I register to use BX.in.th service

Check list for registration

-You have to live in Thailand. -You have to have an account of bank in Thailand because we only receive THB from Thai bank.

-Your bank account must has bank passbook. -You have to have Citizen ID to verify your account or passport for foreigner.


1.Go to BX.in.th website.

2.Click on register.

3.fill all the requirement information, Make sure to tick on I'm not a robot and I agree to the terms of service boxes then click register.

4.After you finish register The system should send you an email that contain your password. Use that password and your Username to log in.

5.After log in you will have to Set a new Password and it should lead you to verification page, Please fill all the information.


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