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Last Updated on 31/08/2019
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How to create a personal wallet

 For every crypto-currency supported on the BX.in.th website, there are also wallets available for storing your crypto-currency independently.

A wallet can be installed on your smart phone or computer, providing you with an address to store your crypto-currency on your own device.

There are some wallets which provide support for many currencies, such as Coinomi which supports most of the crypto-currencies listed on BX.in.th within the same wallet. For most users who hold multiple, or lesser known crypto-currencies this is generally the easiest storage method.

Each individual crypto-currency also has their original wallet, created by the original developers of the coin, but will need to be installed and synced with the network for each currency separately.

For most of the major cryptocurrencies there are many different wallets available, and you can choose the one you prefer based on reputation and features provided by the wallet.

Below is a list of all the crypto-currencies supported by BX.in.th and a link to download the original wallet for storage of the currency on your own computer:

Bitcoin Co. Ltd. Is not affiliated with any of the wallet providers mentioned on this page, and does not make any recommendations or warranties about the quality, reliability or trustworthiness of these providers. Bitcoin Co. Ltd. does not provide technical support for wallet setup or usage, and users use these services at their own risk.