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Last Updated on 31/05/2019
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Public Financial Statements

As a part of the SEC exchange license we are required to release a public copy of our annual audited financial statements. Below you will find our annual financial statements starting with 2018 and a management statement associated with each financial statement:

2018 Financial Statement:

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Management Statement:

At the beginning of 2018 we saw an influx of trading volume associated with the price rise and fall of the crypto-currency market which had started Q3 2017. At the end of Q1 the crypto-currency prices had reached much lower levels and trading volumes tailed off rapidly. As such the bulk of revenues for 2018 were earned in Q1, however all other quarters were also profitable to a lesser extent.

For 2018 the company made a net profit of 281,211,543 THB before tax. The company also paid out dividends of 368,000,000 THB from retained earnings.

The company finished 2018 with total equity of 116,593,949 THB and the company is in sound financial position well above the required minimum equity by the SEC.

In 2018 the company registered capital was increased to 50,000,000 THB in order to meet exchange license requirements and the company also welcomed several new shareholders, with total number of shareholders at end of 2018 being seven.