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Last Updated on 30/08/2019
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How to deposit THB


How can I deposit Thai baht into BX?


1.You have to verify your account and add a bank passbook first.

2.Go to My funds > Deposit

3.There you will see a Thai Baht box for create deposit order

(1) Is for selecting our bank that you are going to transfer to

          (2) Is the amount that you are going to deposit

          (3) Is the bank account that you are going to transfer from (you have to add it first at https://bx.in.th/account/banks/ )

4.Click on Create Deposit.

5.After you click "Create Deposit" it should look like picture below.

A) Is our account number that you can transfer to.

          B) You should deposit exactly this amount the system told you for fast approval.

          C) This is to attach your slip file (bank transfer receipt).

          D) This is for choosing your type of transfer.

6.Please transfer from your bank to the account *it will not automatically deduct from your account* you have to transfer by your self.

7.After you finish transfer please attach your slip or receipts in 5.)C Then wait for your approval.

Note that : You have to get approved first before you can use your funds that you deposit.