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Last Updated on 20/09/2019
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End of Zcoin Reward Payments

We have completed the last Zcoin reward dividend payment to our users.

Over the course the last 2 years we have paid out at total of 39,605 Zcoins in rewards. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/xzc/address.dws?aLPme619JL46E5BKmbZ1DWLmVfWjn9FHKq.htm

We are now having to shutdown our Znodes to return the collateral funds to customers as they withdraw from the BX.in.th website, as such we will not be continuing to offer any Zcoin reward earnings from Znodes.

You can view the details of the final Zcoin payment here: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/xzc/tx.dws?57f5613778c17022f455760aca1fc7f3f3eee00481e9a92fa7ab8ea1edda9834.htm