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Last Updated on 20/09/2019
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znode Payouts

*UPDATED: All Zcoin payments have now ended, read more: https://bx.in.th/support/article/zcoin-payments-ended/

ZCoin Znode Payouts

We have decided to offer our customers free Zcoin rewards via Znodes. By holding a Zcoin balanceon BX.in.th 

We will now pay BX.in.th ZCoin holders with 80% of the Znode payouts

1.How our system calculate Zcoin dividends? : Holding more doesn’t always means more dividens

Our system calculate dividend from holders ratio in our website (all Zcoins in BX = 100%) so if the the volume increase your percentage scale maybe reduce and that depends on how much we get it too.

2.How much we get from Zcoin reward and why doesn’t it the same every time?

Zcoin reward are getting by running Znode (The ratio is 15:1,000) but we will get it when it reach our queue for example:

-If we run 10,000 Zcoins that is equal 10 Znodes so we will get 150 Zcoins if we successfully run 10 nodes before dividends pay out day but the queue can reach only 5 of our 10 nodes and we will get only 75 Zcoins that is why sometimes you get fewer Zcoins even if you have more than the last time.

You can look at how much we get here :



It’s our cold storage that we use to receive Zcoins.